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Re: Just had endoscopic sinus surgery, and really could use help

I am scheduled for another debridement this Wed. AM; the ENT Dr. is uncertain how many more debridements are necessary. (Was told by his staff that some patients have 4-5) I don't think I can handle it. Does this sound like normal protocol for this type of surgery. Also, is it normal to still be feeling sick, this many days after the surgery.
It's too bad that the doctor didn't tell you about the debridements before the surgery but they are absolutely critical to the successful outcome of the surgery. I don't know if the doctor explained it, but the point of debridement is to remove crusts (scabs) that can cause scar tissue to form on the areas that were operated on.

The standard post-surgical protocol is 3-5 follow up debridements during the 4 weeks after surgery. People who have the surgery without the follow up debridement are more likely to need additional surgery so it's really important to follow through with them (I would recommend that you hold onto a few of your prescription painkillers and take them 30 minutes before the next debridement procedure).

As for how you're feeling, it's not unusual for someone who had a deviated septum repaired to still feel pretty crummy at this point. I suspect you'll start feeling better over the next few days (the deviated septum repair is much more invasive and requires longer follow up than the sinus surgery).

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