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Re: New Member...and quite a confused one!

Originally Posted by monkeymome3 View Post
I think if you snack on the right things, snacking can be a good thing. Try some nuts or trail mix, string cheese or fruit. I, myself, don't care much for fruit so I have to force myself to find something. Having 3 kids, I keep a lot of fruit. I am also going to try yogurt.
Be careful. While nuts, dried fruit, and trail mix made of nuts and dried fruit are healthy, they are also calorie dense, so they may not be appropriate if you are trying to restrict calories to cut body fat. Watch out for trail mixes that include sugary candy or other things with added sugar.

Also, yogurt is best eaten plain (skim milk version if you are watching the calories); add your own fresh or frozen fruit if you prefer fruit flavored yogurt. Preflavored yogurts are typically high in added sugar.