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Right sinus pressure, ear "fluttering", ear/eye numbness

Hi all!

About a year ago I had sudden onset severe dizziness, numbness on the right side of my face including my ear and my eye, sinus pressure, but no pain. The most annoying symptoms are a "fluttering" sensation in my ear and waking up with a wet ear every morning. Yuck.

Saw my GP and did a round of antibiotics and prednisone. No improvement - in fact, within an hour of taking the prednisone all of my symptoms would intensify. What ever this is it was annoyed.

Went to ENT and he did a hearing test and lost interest when there was no hearing loss and no sign of infection.

GP sent me for an MRI and to a neurologist.

Neurologist said MRI was clear and order an MRA and BAER test. Both clear.

So, they've ruled out the "scary" stuff - not MS, no tumors, no vascular issues. But the symptoms continue to come and go with no obvious triggers. Fortunately I have terrific insurance and an awesome boss that gives me the flexability to work from home most of the time.

After two really bad weeks, I got fed up and went to a different ENT. He was really nice, really listened. No real dx, but did agree that it's not any of the scary things, nor is it BPVV etc, likely Meniere's or Labrythitis, but ordered a sinus CT and Audiogram. He said that he doesn't think the dizziness is related to the sinus pressure, etc, but I still think it might be.

I have my follow appt. with the ENT on Monday 7/13. If you have any ideas or suggestions on things to ask about at the follow up, please post! I feel like such a loser having this non-visible issue that is really interfering with my life.



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