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Re: Not eating during the day

I don't care to eat while I'm at work either. So I didn't, or just barely did for a long time.
I had so much energy and stamina and no health problems while doing so.
Except for a few weeks ago a minor health problem creeped up on me and with some determination of finding out what it was I found out it was caused from lack of nourishment and eating what my body needed.
Oh, I felt so bad physically. Now I have to MAKE myself eat my healthy little snacks throughout the day and it has made such a difference and I'm all better now.
I don't think you are trying to starve yourself or lose weight or anything. I understand because I don't want to take the time and effort to have to eat something either, but now I do because I don't want to cause problems for myself.
It would be good for you to just eat a healthy snack during your breaks. Like, a salad, boiled egg, tuna sandwich, raisins, etc.... (processed packaged food isn't that good for you even if it says it is)
hope this helps
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