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Red face Woke up with top of head completely numb/weakness in left hand

Hi everyone

First of all, a little history on myself. I am a 45 year old male. I have a history of cervical nerve impingement, ulnar nerve entrapment (left arm), and Tourette's Syndrome (I have frequent "head jerk" tics). The only other possibly relevant piece of information to what I'm about to describe might be that my mattress sags in the middle and that can't be very good for my spine.

This morning I awoke at about 6:30AM feeling a little sleepy but otherwise not too bad. I went back to sleep and awoke again at about 8:00AM with the entire top of my head/scalp completely numb all the way around (the face area was not affected). I put my hands on my head, feeling around and while I was a bit panicked by the whole thing, I simply figured I had pinched a nerve or something. As I wiggled around in the bed a little bit the numbness began to disappear until about 5 minutes later, it was completely gone and I went back to sleep again. (Please note that at this time I did not have any issues with my left hand.)

I woke up for the final time at about 10:00AM feeling pretty good and just laid there for about 10 minutes thinking about various things I had to get done today. When I got out of bed however, I noticed that my left arm was unusually weak/paralysed and just sort of "flopping" around. This really concerned me and I swore something drastic must have happened during the wee hours of the morning to cause this. I even thought that perhaps I had suffered a mild stroke or something but yet I was able to think coherently and when I self-administered a number of neurological/stroke tests on myself (finger tracking, standing with eyes closed, reciting alphabet, counting, today's date, my name, last 5 presidents, etc), I passed them all with flying colors.

As I got up out of bed and began moving around, I was experiencing trouble making a fist, clasping objects, wiping after using the bathroom (sorry), typing on the keyboard, etc. My hand just sort of flopped around as if it was some alien thing dangling from my wrist and my fingers were somewhat gnarled. This lasted most of the morning and then very gradually I began to regain some use in my left hand.

I am not asking for a diagnosis but what I am wondering is if anyone else here has ever experienced anything like this before and what *might* have caused it. I always thought that if a person pinched a nerve, they always rebounded fairly quickly and yet it has taken hours just for me to regain at least some use of my left hand again. Is it normal for it to take this long?.

Anyway, thanks for listening and I would really appreciate any type of feedback on this as it was a fairly frightening experience for me. I have had the numb head upon awakening in the past but not this severe and never with any weakness/paralysis in my left hand.

Thanks so much, Steve
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