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Question Diagnosed with addisons may also have lymes disease please help!!!

oN THE 10/06/09 The doctors diansed me with Addison's disease, Now the doctors have just told me that they believe i may be suffering with lymes disease aswell,How unlucky can i be, But i must say, this makes so much sense to me, as i had the bulls-eye rash in october o8, I also had another rash about 4 years ago, the doctors thought it was ringworm and treated me with steroid cream.
My condition has got so much worse since they put me on these steriods for Addison's. now it has effected my nervous system and the doctors are baffled. They are doing a lymes test, but when i don't know.
Does anyone knowhow true it is , that steriods can make the lymes disease twice as bad? this scares the hell out of me as i cannot come of the steroids because of the addisons disease.
Does anyone know how hard it is to get rid of the lymes disease once it has started to hit the nervouse system?? is it curable?? or is it to late for me if i am in the later stages of this disease? or how long can it take to get completely better.

I have also just done the canadian lymes test, and was so shocked as i scored:
53 out of the 76 symptoms, now i am worried.
CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ........................................

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