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Re: mammogram results- need to be concerned?

There are many ways to verify what is going on in your breasts. I went for years (9) getting mammograms...ultra sound. Come back next year....once in awhile a needle biopsy. It got to be routine. In 1998 I went to a new Obgyn and she did the needle aspiration but did not follow through with the testing of what she drew out. Sad to say that was the year it should have been done and I did not know until the next year she did not follow through.
I have heard that Thermography is a more realiable way of looking at the breast but hard to find. An MRI is also another possibility and more accurate but $$$. Digital is standard now and a good technician is a must. More than one pair of eyes....
The one thing that I would never have done, had I known what it was about, was a core biopsy. They punch holes in what they are "working" on with a thing that reminded me of a hollow pen refill. Bigger holes than a fine needle aspiration. Very painful and punching holes it what could possibly be "in situ" (contained) is not a good idea in my book. Some medical people say questionable that it leaks and others say ..could be true. I feel that what little bit was in my lymph node was what" leaked out". Intuition, call it whatever but I feel strongly about it.
If you have insurance and it really is questionable after MRI or whatever you chose....a surgical biopsy(get out the lump) is something I would consider in light of all the years I "watched and waited"....hind sight changes everything.
Talk to and find out who has the best reputation in your area. Two opinions if possible. There are more and more doctors who work with both traditional and alternative modalities.
Surgery is no little deal but I can say that the surgical biopsy, in and out was better than the core biopsy. Just my opinion.
You could be fine but you have dense difficult breast to read so you need to find out the most accurate information. You have an area of concern. Either way the smart thing to do would be educate yourself. All healing is about you finding the team to assist "you". You are key.