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Why dont I age as fast as others

I recently had sever tests recomended by my doctor and a local university to discover why i don't age as quickly as others to all apearances my body simply stopped aging about 15 years ago and so far noone has been able to discern why. I was wondering if this is happening to others and if so why. it is becoming quite uncomfortable to see people after several years and to find that while i have not changed at all physically they are all growing older at what to me seems an alarming rate. Recently i ran into a friend of mine who is about the sam age as myself and when he realised it really was me he was alarmed by the lack of change in my apearance.
I am starting to feel a little odd when every one keeps asking me what I'm doing to stay so young and I cant tell them anything, the fact is that i smoke and have several other bad habbits and while my friends are all showing the wear and tear of daily life I am not.Why is this can anyone please tell me whats going on.

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