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Re: Vitamin D Deficiency - Need information

Hi Nannie8,

In addition to what others have posted, here are some other factors that can affect Vitamin D status. They come from a paper by Michael Holick, MD, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004:

-Age: A 70-year-old makes only 1/4 the amount of vitamin D that a 20-year-old does when exposed to the same amount of sunlight

-Obesity: Vitamin D is fat-soluble, and body fat can serve as an irreversible sink for body fat, putting obese people at risk for Vitamin D deficiency

-Sunscreen use: sunscreens block the lion's share of UVB radiation, which is required for the synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin

-Skin pigmentation - dark skin acts as a natural sunscreen

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I hope this helps!

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