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Turning life around, looking for advice.

Hello, first time poster here.

As of June 23rd i have started attempting to turn around my bad food and health habits and honestly and truely attempt to become in better shape, health, weight, etc...

It was all initiated by a contest i am having with a friend, who can lose the most weight by august 24th.

At the weigh-in, i was at 241 pounds. for the vast majority of my life (im 24) i have hovered from 200-210, never going over or under, but since i started my current job about a year ago, ive done nothing but go up in weight because i was officially off my feet, sitting down all day. my old jobs always had me actually working, but now im at a desk job where i move maybe a few times a day at most.

For most my life i have ate 90% fast food/restraunt food and cooked crappy frozen foods or easy things like hot dogs if i wasnt going out to eat. yet, i have never gotten very heavy and ive never had any health problems.

About 3 years ago, i was at around 220 pounds and i lost 45 pounds through hard work and severe dieting, but eventually it all came back and all my work was for nothing because i stopped exercising, which i know was a mistake.

Since the 23rd of june, i havent gone out to eat once, havent had any sweets or cakes or anything bad for me at all. I am regularly cooking healthy small portions of fish, chicken, pork, and side dishes of rice or noodles of some sort to go along with it.

For lunch, i usually have light sandwiches of turkey and ham, or leftovers from the night before.

i am working out once a day every day for 35 minutes, doing cardio workouts with the game dance dance revolution, on a high difficulty level.

i dont eat breakfast (it doesnt work with my schedule)

my daily calorie intake is very low, and my daily calorie burnage is very high, but im not losing much weight. i figured since i am doing a total transformation that i would absolutely drain weight away, but so far ive only lost 13.5 pounds in the 3 weeks ive done it.

so my question for you fine folks is this
1. how much should i be working out a day to see optimal results? is 35 minutes long enough?
2. should i be avoiding rice and pasta and such?
3. does my daily plan sound like a good setup?

thank you for reading the long post and i appreciate any advice!

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