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Re: strange symptoms with sinusitis?

I just had a visit with my doctor because I have had a weird smell/taste for weeks now along with other crazy feelings, dizziness, aching like I have the flu etc. I had been to the ER twice since May because of dizziness and this aching pain in my back and legs, had a Lumbar Spine MRI to rule out a pinched nerve and because that was negative, left to further wonder what in the heck is going on. Well after today's appointment my doctor thinks I have something sinus related going on. 3 weeks ago I was placed on antibiotics for a kidney infection "just in case" that's where my back pain was coming from, so in today's visit the dr. decided that because of the antibiotic I just finished if it were a "typical sinus infection" the antibiotic would have cleared it up, so she's starting me on prednisone to see if it helps. The thing that surprised me was that she said she had heard of a patient with strange seemingly unrelated symptoms that ended up all being caused by an infection of the sphenoid sinuses. She is sending me to an ENT for follow up next week to see if this could be the cause of all of my aching pains, inability to sleep, strange smell/taste sensation and dizziness...I will keep you posted, because like you I know I am not crazy and there has to be some connection here....