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I'm a 17 year old IB student with a very high IQ, and i have noticed in my coursework that i have a really hard time with numbers. I wrote a paper on dyslexia in 7th grade and i always had the thought in the back of my head, because in the paper it said it was something that all types of intelligence level can have.

Actually, let me make this more clear, math is one of my best subjects, i understand it with great ease. But when told numbers or when reading numbers, i often cannot remember the order in which they were told to me in, or i mix it up completely. I will be given 1618 and it will come across to me as 8116. Also, when writing i will often mix my numbers up with my letters and my letters with my numbers. Most often is my 5's and S's. It is not something i realize i do until i look back and read what i have written.

Also when reading, i tend to read a sentence and completely mix up the words in my head, and it forces me to have to go back and reread it multiple times before they are in the correct order to me.

I have no idea if this is dyslexia, any comments?

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