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havent posted in awhile but my acid reflux is cured

no meds at all.

1. if you have acid reflux take apple cider vinegar, if you have to take it with water do so. For me it took almost a month, before it started to work

2. Start taking acidophilus, its enzymes that are good for digestion.

3. Do away with soft drinks and diet drinks, start drinking water, with lemon and cayenne pepper powder. It actually tastes great and i love it, and its also the natural cure for high blood pressure.

4. Start walking
or ride a bike

5. Start doing neck traction. I dont have a link or dont know how to describe it but its an apparatus you put over your head, you lean over the bed and have the 5 pound ball pulling your head back, its improves your neck posture and it really has helped me.

Thanks chris

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