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Will Reward get Disease Cure

Rewards Posted Update-NONE

No responsible Rewards or Prizes are advertised anywhere for any of top ten disease cures or any other disease cure or remedy on Google search.

An offer ready to deposit in bank Reward/Prize of either $100,000, $1 million, $10 million or $100 million US dollars will get an Inventor’s attention not less.

Top ten diseases include heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, respiratory disease, septicemia and influenza.

Government agencies, foundations and other organizations attempts to find a cure, full remedy or solution have not worked for 40+ years.

Still have diseases with big pharma making billion or trillions over last 40+ years.

How long will it take for one person or organization with financial resources being ready to deposit money in bank and make an offer?

How long will it take for an inventor with know-how or method to participate in providing any cure, full remedy or solution to one of these diseases?

Will it be days, weeks, months or years to make financial resources offer for reward/prize?

Will an inventor ever find cure, remedy or solution or do they already have it now and waiting for right motivation to make offer for any disease.

Time will tell but Time is of the essence.

Many will die every day without a solution for any of these diseases.
Who will step forward and create necessary motivation for open discoveries.