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Re: mammogram results- need to be concerned?

as a two time breast cancer survivor i do know "round" and "well defined" are both good things you want to see on your report- also "fatty" and "fibroglandular" don't send up too many red flags BUT- and with breast cancer there is always a BUT- any mammogram that shows something suspicious does indeed need a follow up- i believe the poster mentioned a breast ultra sound and this is a good start- a test with more definition is a breast MRI but that is not ususally done unless they see something of concern on the ultra sound so you need to take it one minute at a time- one day at a time and if needed one week at a time- do not get ahead of yourself on the fear factor- if you post here often keep us updated on the results and it you need a biopsy i can offer alot of advice about that as well- remember- everyone's cancer journey is totally different- do not compare what happenend to one person to what is happening to you - **********-

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