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Re: lawyers dealing with patient abandonment in nursing

I was working with a Dr in the ER who was not in a good mood. We work in a team system, 2 RN's 1 MD and 1 Clinical assistant pr team and there are 3 teams in our ER. The Dr was refusing to write orsers for pain meds for a couple of our pt's. then he would write them when we weren't looking and fudge the times so it looked like they had been ordered all along. I felt like the work environment was becoming hostile. He purposely left a pt on a back board for 2 hours who was hit by a bull in the back and kicked by the animal in the abd. The Dr said that she was fine, when the CT came back negative. with his cocky atttitude he told me"see it's fine , she's fine she needs to go" I couldn't get the patient to stand up because her pain was so intense and he wouldn't write a med order. I went back to the desk and he accused me of not medicating her and accused me of not doing my job. He wrote the med order as if he wrote it when I first asked for it 30 mins ago. I medicated the pt and reported to the charge RN The incident and told her I refuse to work like this. She said she could not change the schedule. Our team had a total of 4-5 patients at any given time this shift as well as the other 2 teams in the dept. it was far from our usual business. I tried to reason with the Dr and begged him to communicate with my partner and I, he just sat in his chair surfing the internet. I told him" I want to have a good team tonight " and he said "I want to have good nurses" My charge nurse heard this and I swear she had to hear me say, "Thats it I'm out of here, I'm leaving," before I punched out my partner (RN) ran after me and said if I leave then she's leaving and I told her to stay because of the pt's. But I was not going to let him do this to me. I am a good nurse.
I wasn't thinking of the consequences of leaving the hospitol at the time. I was worried I'd do or say something I would regret. And I was in fear of him causing me to make a fatal patient error. I am currently on adminisrtaive leave. what are my options.