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Re: Post Tonsillectomy: coughing, hiccups, severe ear pain!! HELP!

I am on day 4 of my post tonsillectomy.When I came back from theater, I was screeming( it is saw as my ears were burning).They gave me voltaren suppository, which took away the pain immidiately)The past 3 days were ok,I drank lots of coke(but sometimes it kept on going up my nostrils instead of down my throat, then I found a technique of drinking) and jelly really did the trick in soothing my throat.But today Im begining to be worried as Im feeling lots of pain, the funny part is that my tongue hurts more than anything else,well I noticed that they injured my tongue during the op, plus I think I have developed white sores(I have been brushing my teeth and rinsing with warm water and salt).Everything I put in my mouth hurts, at the same time Im feeling sick from not eating the correct diet.I tried matched potatoes and chicken, it hurts like hell, macaroni and cheese does not go down very well. I am very frastated cos I have to eat so I can take my pain meds.As Im typing this post, I have jelly and custurd, coke, mac and cheese, chweeing gums and my pain meds with me. I don't know which one will help as they all hurt.oh and the pain tablets does not make the process easy as I have to brake one pill into four parts, that means I have to swallow 8 pieces of two pills and one sip of water goes with swallowing atleast three times before I can feel the pill going down.I can't even open my mouth wide enough to see why the back of my tongue hurts so much cos my jaws are very stiff. But I hope it will get better with time, so far, the pain is not as I thought it would be before I went foe the op.

oh and I feeling like crying cos my mom just enterd with a plate of potatoe wedges and chicken, thanx mom that really helps(hahaha...)

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