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Unhappy Apiphobia

I have what is probably a pretty common phobia. Bees, any kind, and horseflies scare the heck out of me. I got stung once when I was little by a honey bee on my hand, and once as a teenager by 2 yellow jackets(one went down my shirt and stung me on the back and the other stung me on the leg). Ever since, I totally panic when they are near. I go to the creek often and I'm always running and screaming at least once each time. I carry a stick whenever I'm out because my biggest fear is that they'll land on my back and sting me when I don't know they're there. So, I hold the stick up against my back and swing it side to side so nothing will land there. I love being outside and this is really hard to deal with. There are times when I've gone out, only to leave because I feel all the bees are after me. I always run and have never been stung by running, but everyone just tells me to stand still. I tried that once and got stung by standing still, so I'm not doing that again. I've also heard that they can't sting you when you hold your breath. Is that true? Whenever a bee comes along now, I hold my breath and RUN! How can I get over this? I really go into a panic whenever I see one and everyone always laughs at me. How would they treat this, I wonder? Thanks Diana

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