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My son has what?

I am a single mom with three beautiful boys. The youngest, Caleb, has DS. He is 15 months old now and we have been to every doc imaginable! He is a wonderful little guy with a great personality, and is so easy to care for, but I dont really know what to expect. With my first two I read the books and talked with other new moms so I had a pretty clear picture of what it would be like for them at a certain age. Its not that way with Caleb. I went to a playgroup for DS twice but the mothers there didnt want to discuss the issue, rather they wanted to discuss other things in there day and let the kids play. We have ECI that comes out twice a month and an OT that comes out just as often but I still dont have a clear picture of where my son is and where he will be. He still has no teeth and doesnt crawl yet. I guess I am really asking, what will the next year be like for Caleb and the family? What should he accomplish, when will he get teeth, what should I be feeding him?!?!? Right now he eats about 3-4 jars of step 2 baby food and three 8oz bottles of pedisure everyday. Is that ok? AHHHHH someone help!

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