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Thanks for your suggestions, but you don't understand. It seems like bees and stinging creatures actually go after me. Honestly. I eat a lot of sweets and have wondered about this. I do try to mind my own business and ignore them, but, they hover right in my face. Inches from it, and the horseflies like to land on my back and bite me. Or they zoom endlessly in circles around me. I don't wave the stick wildly, just calmly back and forth against my back. It has helped a great deal doing this and they seem to leave me alone more. But, it gets tiring after awhile and there are a few that just don't want to let me go on my way. I am usually walking in the water when this happens and I know they don't have nests in the water, so I think they are doing it on purpose. I knew that bees die after they sting, but it still doesn't stop them from doing so. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement, but I just don't know how to get over this. Diana