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Re: I'm an adult with CP

Originally Posted by Me1976 View Post
I'm an adult nearing his 33rd birthday. I was diagnosed with a mild case of CP at age 11. It effects my right side where the muscles are tight and ridged and never developed properly.

I received some therapy as a kid and for years the CP never bothered me. There were some things I could not do but for the most part I could do everything that I needed to do be independent. I am still independent today but I have noticed some changes as I am getting older.

The muscles in my right side don't seem to work as fluidly as they did when I was younger. I can still use my right side but I have to pay more attention to it where things used to come automatically. My right knee sometimes pops out of joint and sometimes I find myself walking into walls or losing my balance as if I'm drunk. Needless to say this is embarrassing in public.

On top of that I feel very tired all the time. My back hurts and I seem to be aging more quickly than normal. I have wrinkles, a lot of gray hair, my hands look "old" and in the winter my skin cracks and bleeds. Sometimes the tiredness effects my ability to concentrate on tasks as well. Is all of this normal and if so is there anything that can be done about it in order to continue on living independently?
Welcome! My son is nearing 5 years of age, and he has CP diplegia. He is doing okay for his diagnosis, but still has a long ways to go(when I compare him to his twin). Right now we are having potty-training issues. I hope and pray that he will completely potty-trained by the time he goes to kindergarten otherwise he will be stuck in a special education program. I'm trying so hard to get him out of it. He is so intelligent, but he is still so delayed in his gross and fine motor skills.