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Re: New RSD Patient = What Test for RSD?

Hi Barb,
Welcome to the message board, although I am sorry you are here because you may have RSD...
It might be a good idea to call your doctors office and ask for the official name of the test..once you know the name you can do some of your own research and then perhaps others on the boards will have some experience with the test and can give you some feedback or additional information!
When you call, be sure you speak with some one whom you know will be able to give you complete and accurate information about which test it is....
That's a long way to drive for a test that may not be necessary.
(I am wondering if the "test" is a ganglion block..which is done as a diagnostic test)
Try and find out the name before you meet with your family doc!!!

I have RSD in my left ankle/foot and lower leg as a result of injury and surgery. The pain is now in my right leg as well

I hope you are able to find out more information so that you can make a good decision.
from Tigerlily