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Re: New RSD Patient = What Test for RSD?

Thank you all. I do have a call into the doctor but haven't heard back yet. Unlike most of you my pain is pretty well controlled however the loss of use has started and I'm losing the small motor skills in my right arm. I have it in both arms with the right arm being worse. I have problems with pain and swelling in the legs so I'm really hoping it's not spreading there too. I've had all the tests and 2nd opinions so the RSD is the official diagnosis but they keep mentioning this test in Milwaukee. Everything I've heard is that there isn't a test for RSD so I'm hesitant to jump in and spend time, money and pain for something I already know. Rather spend the money on yarn. My PT is knitting. Now I have an excuse to be a knitting fiend. Just need to find out if yarn is tax deductible when it's physical therapy.