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Re: I'm an adult with CP

Hi Me,

I am 49 and have noticed over the past 13 years, a slow decline of my mobility and an increase in back pain. My left side is or was mildly effected and I had therapy as a kid as well.

I'm still very functional but I have just ordered my first wheelchair because I can't walk 2 blocks or stand for a great length of time. Now I have noticed that I stand on the ball of my left foot at times if I don't have my ortho shoes on. This is new as is an airway problem I now have. I have a thread here *Airway problem??* that explains how I found this out.

We put more demands on our bodies to do what takes less effort for an average person to do and it seems we pay at some point. I looked up CP and aging and it's recognised by the medical community that those with CP age earlier do to the extra physical stress put on our bodies to function day to day.

Dealing with the cold is the worst aspect of the changes that have happened to me. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the airway issue and find myself wondering what will go next??

I have had to adapt to work with the changes that have happened. Getting a wheelchair, having others do the haeavier house work and not being a hero when it comes to dealing with pain are things that have all helped.

Make life easier for yourself in anyway you can. As we change, we change how we do thing.

Take care