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Re: New RSD Patient = What Test for RSD?

It sounds like you've had all the "tests" for rsd, re the bone scan. There is NO test for rsd for pete sake! There are diagnostic tools but no test. The "tools" are emg's, mri's, bone scans, QSART(sweat test), thermography, blocks.

Blocks are not a test for rsd, they are a tool. The only thing a block can do is tell the doctor whether or not the rsd is SMP or SIP. SMP= Sympathetically Maintained Pain, SIP= Sympathetically Independent Pain.

The difference between the two is that SMP will give some kind of relief from the pain. The shorter the relief period the closer you are to SIP.

SIP does not respond to blocks and it often makes the pain go screaming off the charts. Further blocks could do serious damage and shouldn't be done.

Bone scans are best at "showing" rsd if it is done within the first 3 months when initial blood flow changes make it visible. After that time, it is highly unlikely to show rsd until you suffer enough altered blood flow to cause osteoporosis.

EMG's and MRI's do not diagnose anything to do with rsd. EMG's are used to check for nerve damage. MRI's are used to check for joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, organ damage.

Hope this info helps.