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Re: I'm an adult with CP

You're lucky that you've been able to live independently so far! My hubby has spastic quadriplegia and can't get out of bed without someone to transfer him (usually me). We've noticed this summer that he has some "age spots" on his arms. I'm also worried I'm starting to see some gray hairs on his head even though he's just 29. He tends to require more sleep than I do, but that's understandable given that he has to deal with spasms during the day. Otherwise, he hasn't shown a lot of aging signs. I've heard that the body tends to wear out quicker for people with CP, but if it helps put things into perspective, I'm an elementary school teacher, and that tends to age people very quickly, too. I think it's not so much the CP as it is the stress on your body and/or mind. Many of my students' parents look older than I am, even if they're my age or younger (I'm 30). Maybe it wouldn't hurt to give your body more time to rest during the day just to help it relax?