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Hospice Rocks my WORLD

Our computer finally bit the big one, and we had to go buy a new PC today, but I am up and running again.

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS...after yesterday's panicked call to the doctor because daddy hadn't peed, she ordered hospice to come over.

I canNOT believe what a Godsend hospice is! They agree that daddy is "days to weeks" from passing, they have accepted him, and y' will never believe this: The nurse that came today has ordered a CNA 3x a week, an RN twice a week and a social worker once a week as I need her. Calling 911 is off the boards - I will call them now for anything. They have a hospice house that was just built, and when daddy gets to the "active dying" portion of this horrid journey, they will quietly and gently come get him and take him there. They are supplying all the meds he needs, including the stuff he currently takes. A table for his bed so I can feed him there easily. An air mattress with circulating air so he doesn't get bedsores.

The CNA will bathe, shave, dress him, the RN will take care of medical stuff, the social worker will help with end of life stuff....

I could (and have) cry. This is wonderful. I can't believe it.

More later - still setting up the new 'puter - but I had to tell you all about my day.

OH! One more thing - and the most important to me - I asked her if the new meds could be causing daddy to be like this. Am I OD'ing him? Should I back them down? She is a wonderful nurse and wonderful person. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "No. The meds he is on do not have the properties to cause this. His 4th of July Hoo Rah (where he cane whipped my daughter) was just his last little adventure. Do NOT stop his meds - they are keeping him in a happy place, and that's where he needs to be. You have done NOTHING wrong, and he is well loved and cared for."

I needed that validation so bad. SO bad.

It's been a wonderful day for me.

...lil' deb

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