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Emetophobia.. :(

I have really bad emetophobia, but i also have IBS, which comes on suddenly, and always makes me feel sick. Its gotten to the point where i'm scared of leaving the house, not even to go down the road to the shop, in case I'm sick on the way.
I wont go out with my friends, because i get embarrassed if people see me having a panic attack, and i get them the moment I start to feel sick.
Im a teenager and i want to be having fun, but im stuck at home, and the worst thing is, my older brother has migraines on a really regular basis, and hes sick most of the times he has them. Therefore, i wont go near him, in his room, in the bathroom, ANYWHERE he was when he has his migraine, just in case the vomiting was unrealated and was actually contageous.
Its taking over my life now, is there anything anyone can suggest to help? I REALLY dont want to have to see a shrink or anything, i had to go to one a while ago, and they just judged me.

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