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Question Approved at hearing level..but have some questions and some advice

First I would like to say what an immense help this board has been to me..thank you to everyone who participates. This has been the most helpful place I found in my many searches for answers as I sat in dismay as to why this process was so difficult. you are all s

Now I will tell you I have been blessed by getting my hearing fast...and this is why. In my research, after I found out I was going to be in the hearing phase for possibly years, I saw a post about a congressional inquiry...I didn't hesitate I immediately called my congressmans office with skeptism because it is the government after could one branch of government help me get help from another? I was quite surprised. My attornies office never even mentioned this possibility...why?? probably because they wanted it to go on so they could get more pay. In fact they were even surprised at how quickly I got my hearing...ready for 6 weeks from the time I filed for hearing to the time of hearing. And not only that the nice person that worked at the congressmans office had me follow up with him every two weeks until they knew the hearing was actually scheduled. Now mine is just one case where it did help...The attorney (still in dismay that it happened so fast) said that sometimes the judges can become resentful that you are pushed ahead of the line....but even by this time I was in a wheelchair. Also from what he said it depends on what judge you get. By the time I left my hearing I knew what it was I needed to get approved and I was so afraid that I was going to get denied anyway...but I just got my fully favorable decision and I wanted to share my experience in getting the hearing quicker...I would say that if you are like me and seriously disabled (I have inflammatory arthritis and its in my shoulders, elbows, neck, back, knees and feet) it can't hurt to try the congressional inquiry route. Also I am 49 so the lawyer had advised that if I was denied at hearing level because of the sedentary work rule then I could just apply at my 50th b-day and I would be approved then.

Now the questions...of course I got my letter on a Saturday and there is no one to ask It says claimants date last insured is December 2012 I know this means my work credits...but I don't understand it...does this mean I get reviewed in 2012 or all of my years of work (about 25 yrs) only entitle me to SSDI for 4 years total?? and if I do only get it for 4 years does it switch to SSI and then what happens to the medicare which would equate to 2 years of coverage?? I hear of people who are on SSDI for years once disabled so I am not grasping this part...Thanks in advance for any answers...seems like there is always something to worry about when you are I am wondering how to get all my surgeries in 2 1/2 years which is going to be impossible


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