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Re: Obesity & Unwanted Hair

Thanks to both of you for your nice responses. I will answer both of you at once. Kind of discouraging to think that even if I lost alot of weight, that I would still have all the hair. Yes I do have tweezers. Recently have been shaving the mustache area that I did not mention. It is not bad but I do get 2 or 3 long hairs there. I get some dark course ones right near the chin and under that the tweezers works good for. Then I get alot of lighter softer ones farther below that are hard to get with the tweezers. Lately my hubby has been lightly running the razor over that area and that seems to help alot. Not like regular harsh shaving though.

I don't have Diabetes or PCOS. Probably not insulin resistance either since no Diabetes or pre Diabetes. I don't know what Metabolic Syndrome X is. Guess I should look that up. Guess it is just an age related thing. As for menopausal. I had a complete hytsterectomy when I was 23 and took hormones for 35 years. Prior to stopping the hormones I had the hair problem. Not sure if it has gotten worse since I stopped the hormones a few years ago or not.

Thanks again for both of your help. Guess this is just something I have to put up with like some other older woman.