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Re: Obesity & Unwanted Hair

It's fine to do electrolysis on sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin and many allergies, one being nickel. My electrologist uses a 24k gold probe which helped to reduce the redness.

Electrolysis is a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance. Expensive is a relative term. Not having to worry about these hairs is priceless for me. My treatments are usually less than 15 minutes which in my area are around $25-30 dollars. I spend more a month on my internet connection. Hair removal is a priority for me. Something like having pedicures on a regular basis is not. Every woman is different.

In the beginning you go more often, and then the frequency tapers down as the hairs disappear. The electrologists have to treat the hairs in the right phase of the growth cycle in order to damage them.

I have not had an electrolysis treatment on my brows since I was a teen. Those hairs are not triggered by hormones. I do expect to develop some new facial hairs as I age. Most women do. They go in a few times a year for a clean up treatment.