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Re: Worrying about H1N1 Infection


First of all, welcome to the boards! Second of all, with the whole H1N1 thing going around, you are the FIRST person to mention it on this board! Hard to believe eh?

You are unfortunately one of the victims of the mass hysteria caused by the media on H1N1. Each year, many people (including young, healthy individuals) get very sick from influenza and die. It is a VAST minority of people who this happens to. Most people get slightly ill and that's it. This is NO different with swine flu! The vast majority of people who get it (almost 99%) have very mild symptoms (maybe a runny nose, muscle aches, sore throat) and then recover fully. EVEN IF you were to get H1N1, you likely would have no problems.

To answer your question, you are safe. Even if the person DID have H1N1, it wouldn't matter if it was on the computer screen because it would have been on every surface he touched and unless you bleach every surface of your house daily, you would still be exposed to it.

Another interesting thing: the two main strains of SEASONAL (i.e. not swine) flu which circulate the world are H3N2 and H1N1. Yes, H1N1 is actually a slightly mutated version of our own, home-grown H1N1.