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Question ??My Dads psa at

Please I hope those who have gone through this can help answer a couple questions.My Dad is a very healthy 78 years young,never been in hospital or any surgery's etc.Go back 2 years ago an his psa came back in over 100's,I'm not sure about alot then because My Dad is the type who won't say when things are wrong to keep other's from worrying unless an until there is a reason to worry.I do know back then they did biopsy an everything was suppose to be fine.Now 2 years later his PSA is 100 an they sent him to get a cat-scan but that doctor sent him back wanting a biopsy,Now it's been 2 more weeks an his PSA has went to 120.MY BIG QUESTION HERE IS Does my Dad have cancer?What else could make this happen?Could a biopsy 2 years ago have missed cancer an now he could have it for 2 years already?I know it has good cure rate caught early but I'm so confused,How fast does this grow.I do know my uncle ''Daddys brother had prostrate cancer few years ago an his was caught early.I lost my step-dad a year ago from cancer which started in prostrate,,Now my Mom has very close dear friend that has helped her deal with the loss an he had it about 4 or 5 years ago an Now looks like his may be come back too.His pSA was 27 an less than 2 weeks its 50 now.I know this got long but seems everyone around me is being affected an I need answers from those who have been there an are there..Please tell me something other than cancer could cause this PSA to rise so much so fast,
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