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Re: Obesity & Unwanted Hair

Hi Panndy,
I have had electrolysis for over 30 years and was still having to to does NOT work, but I used it as a quick fix on a reg basis most of my life. I am 56, overweight, with PCOS, diabetes, and thinning hair on top. My electrolysis is a retired nurse and finally one day she told me to take innocent non risky drug that takes away a lot of hair on some people. My doctor told me to take it three times a day. I never take as much of a new drug as prescribed initially, so I took ONE pill a day and it did the trick. Not all, but about 75% of my hair is gone from my face and almost ALL of it is gone from my arms and legs. My thinning hair is no different and my underarm & pubic hair remained the same. Hope this helps and you can try it if you haven't already discussed it with your doctor. GOOD LUCK!