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Already received my e mail from endo....

Wow, I am surprised!! I got my e mail from the endo at U of M today...Sunday...obviously he cks his e mail on weekends.
Good news.....He said that with my initial pathology, my RA-I higher dose, and my undet. TG, my risk of recurrence is SO LOW, so very very low. Not 0, but he is not concerned. He actually said that Dr. K's low key approach is what he would also do. He did say it was unfortunate that the US report did not go into detail and list characteristics that let you know it looks benign.

He was so nice, to answer my e mail, and he said he would love to see me again, but that it truly is not necessay, unless I feel I really need to. He said people have swollen lymph nodes all the time for various reasons, and 3 month reck is what he would also recommend. He also did say that if it did turn out to be cancer, 3 months is still ok.....hmmm not feeling that one!!

He did ease my mind, I have to let it go, and wait the 3 months, if he had recommended any differently, I would be driving the distance to U of M. Guess I am in good hands here....
Thanks for listening!!
Take care,

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