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at the end of my tether! . . .

so i'm now 26 and going through yet another "don't want to leave the house" phase of acne. in fact i'm not sure if it's ever been this bad. i knew my skin would turn bad again when i came off the contraceptive pill but i didnt realise it would take a year for it to catch up with me. This time i'm going to try everything to get rid of it. i've just bought a load of "miracle cure" lotions potions and tablets but i don't hold much hope although i will try them and update on my progress on here.
failing that i will cut all junk out of my diet (not sure if i have the will power for this!)
failing that it's back to the doctors, and i hate going to the doctors like some people fear the dentist!
i did cure it once before, i took the pill Dianette, and used the gel Duac, but most importantly i went for 2 weeks of sun in the Dominican Repulic. unfortunatly the latter is not an option this time.
anyway i will keep people updated on what works and what doesn't.

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