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Re: Fibromyalgia/herpes virus

Originally Posted by seeksbliss View Post
Does the herpes virus in your spine stay with you all the time or does it only flare up with an OB? I already have back troubles and have noticed a completely different type of back discomfort the two months before my first OB last week. Does this stay with our backs forever or do you mean the virus just settles there with no discomfort eventually?
Hi seeksbliss,
you know i dont really know. I think the virus lays dormant till an outbreak, but sometimes i have to watch if i get certain ear infections or migrain that causes palsy or high fever. When i do feel an outbreak it has been in the past to affect my ear canal and there is usually load of pressure in my neck like symptoms of meningitis along with more numbness and loss of movement in my legs and arms and have to be hospitalized and have iv antivirals.