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Re: Fibromyalgia/herpes virus

Originally Posted by seeksbliss View Post
Good God! You have all of those symptoms strictly from herpes! Now I'm really frightened! Thanks for your reply.
Oh seeksbliss, please dont be frightened, i dont know how or what your body is with herpes, and what i have is extremely rare, its not in my back like how you discribed, so please dont be upset.
I had severe outbreaks for over 30 years without any kind of treatment, and was born with cleft palet and had many surgeries to fix my ears as to being deaf till 3years old, then could hear with aids, dont have any hearing aids now, spose i should but i dont ok. however, my ear canals have had so many infections that they have grown scar tissue that makes infections easy to get, and the honeycomb of little bones have grown together due to my childhood infections that make it easy for infections into the nerves that are there. This isnt something that anyone or everyone else would get, it is mainly due to the ill treatments from childhood that never saw doctors to have antibiotics to treat, used to let my eardrums rupture to heal as was little money to speak of to see a doctor, so its an unusual case, and now Im paying for the lack of treatments back over the years. And as i said before, its not something that others get, because its do to mainly that from my childhood.
Sorry to ramble on

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