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is anyone sorry they had a hysterectomy?

Ive now been going in circles with my doctor for what seems like forever! Ive got fibroids, Ive got bleeding problems, Ive had ablation and now I have undetectable cells and three attempts at biopsies have failed. (too much scar tissue) so now he is pressuring me to "just get it over with" and have the surgery.
Ive gone for 3 opinions....basically I am getting the same answer from everyone. Since they cannot tell what these cells are, and arent getting clean samples- everyone is advising just to get this over with, especially since the fibroid isnt in a place that it can be removed, and this would solve "all of my problems". Except that I just started a wonderful new job and dont want to take 6 weeks off yet, unless its absoutely medically necessary!

So im leaning towards waiting until spring and doing it then, meanwhile trying to have a heart to heart with my company to see if I can secure my job....but deep down, i dont want this surgery. Id rather live with the pain, bleeding and discomfort then do this to myself.....especially since no one can tell me if it IS medically necessary!

Crazy right?? Has anyone had this done and been sorry they did it? Are their any stories out there which I should know about?

Any info is appreciated.
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