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Re: is anyone sorry they had a hysterectomy?

Originally Posted by MSNik View Post
....but deep down, i dont want this surgery. Id rather live with the pain, bleeding and discomfort then do this to myself.....especially since no one can tell me if it IS medically necessary!

Crazy right?? Has anyone had this done and been sorry they did it? Are their any stories out there which I should know about?

Any info is appreciated.
Do what you think is best for yourself.

My question to you is this, though. What types of cells have they found and what types of biopsies have they done? If you have severe dysplasia, then it is best to seek the opinion of a gyn/oncologist.

As far as me and my hyst, I'm glad I had mine. I was not happy about having to have one, but having stage 1 cancer made it not an option for me. So I had it. I came to terms with the necessity. The recovery was a bit inconvenient, but I'm glad I had it.