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Update on surgery...Horrible PM nurse

Hello all-

UPDATE: I am back on the boards..I have been gone a couple weeks now dealing with my post surgical complications. I had my surgery on 7/27 (360 spinal fusion/disc removal) as it turned out my back was much worse than the MR Is showed and the surgery took longer than anticipated. Once the doctor got in there he said my spine was so unstable that when he touched the bones in my spine they moved. In the recovery room I was overdosed with pain medication and stopped breathing, and had to be resuscitated. Then they had to give me the narcotic antidote when I finally regained consciousness I had no pain medicine in my body and was in the most pain I ever thought was humanly possible. My body wouldn't absorb any narcotics until the Narcan was out of my system so my first night after surgery was tortuous and a blur because I had NO pain control what so ever.
Finally when I was sent home 4 days later the very next day I developed extreme swelling at the surgical sight in my back. I was readmitted to the hospital and the surgeon came in and removed 65cc of collected blood. The next day I was sent home again. Only to have the swelling return and this time when I was readmitted to the hospital the surgeon decided that I needed to have drainage tubes surgically implanted so I underwent a second surgery to have the tubes implanted (that was 8/7). I still have the tubes and I continue to drain fluid...thank goodness it's not infected. The tubes will be removed in another week if all goes well. SO that was my surgical experience. I am still in a lot of pain although on a positive note I no longer have constant sciatica pain. It is only intermittent now and is less and less I think the nerves as calming down and I will be relieved of all pain eventually (fingers crossed maybe this surgery will pay off at some point!!)

**OK so here's my current problem: Went to the PM doc's office for my regular follow up post surgery. The PA said we would stay at the same dose for 2 more weeks and then start the weaning process to get off pain medicine (which I am very excited about....I so look forward to a life w/o medication). Anyway when I was handed my Rx's by the nurse I noticed they were at half my current dose and for one week (which works out to be 3 days worth of medication). I asked why the change from what the PA and I just talked about and the nurse said they looked back at my records and had no record of my dosage ever being raised. ( the dose was raised over the phone after my surgery because of increased pain after surgery. I called in to the on-call line and was told to increase my dose 50%...that didnt work and I called back and they raised it by another 50% which doubles my orginal RXed amount...make sense?) well they had no record of me ever calling in. Even though I was hospitalized after this dose change and the incresed dose was what was administered in the hospital and my discharge instructions were to continue with current doses (which were the raised doses)....So now I am going to have to wean my self down in order to avoid withdrawls I guess...I have no idea what else to do. My PM doctors office seems to think that I magically decided to double my dose and that I am making up the story that I called in and was told to do so. My husband is trying to talk to them and get through to the doctor but if they have no record they probably wont beleive us....I dont know what to do.They keep asking me the name of the person I talked to but I cant remember. I was in incedible pain, hence calling in the first place so I wasnt in a frame of mind to write her name down. I only went to PM for one month before surgery. I dont know how to prove it. So any input is welcome.

Sorry if this is long and rambling but I wanted to update on my post surgical status to anyone who was curious and also share my current predicament with anyone who can offer advise.

Have a great day!

UPDATE: After speaking to the PA over the phone I was told how right I was and she apologized for the nurse's oversight. All is corrected and straightened out. Although I have to make a 45 minute drive to their office tommorow with my DH. Oh well...It just goes to show how paranoid those PM people can be. I wish it wasnt like this...but thats life.

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