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Re: Update on surgery...Horrible PM nurse

Wow, this sounds awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of this. I know it would have been incredibly hard for me to deal with something like this. In my opinion, I think you should just tell the doctor that what you currently have is not cutting it. Rather than worry about who you talked to and when you called and raising and lowering the dosages, just try to get your point across that your pain is NOT being managed with what he/she has given you.

It hasn't even been a month and you had terribly invasive surgery, I'm not sure you should even be worrying about weaning off meds altogether yet. There are probably others with more experience here, but I had cervical spinal surgery on 7/6 and I am still on about half the dosage of my post-surgery short-acting meds. I am still on the same amount of my long-acting meds. I had been in Pain Management for about a year before my surgery.

Good luck, I will be wishing good pain relief for you.