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Re: I need info on iodine

There are various methods of testing for iodine deficiency. The first test i did was a urine sample as i was told by my then doctor that blood tests for iodine deficiency were not as accurate as urine. My now thyroid doctor has done a 24hr iodine load test where i drink a certain amount of iodine in the morning and then collect all urine over a 24hr period. The total urine is then taken to the lab and they do a calculation of (i think) how much iodine was lost in urine. Depending on the uptake of your iodine they can then determine how much your body is using and whether you need to supplement. I take one pure iodine drop a day.

Iodine is very beneficial, the list is endless on what symptoms it can cause if you don't have enough. By the same token you can be doing yourself harm by taking extra if you don't even need it.

I've also read of people doing their own iodine patch test, but i'd prefer something done by a doctor/lab rather than a DIY job at home.

My doctor retests my iodine levels as he does my adrenals, full thyroid panel, full hormone and DHEA-s, ACTH, ferritin and vitamin d levels and various other things depending on the situation or state of my labs.

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