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Re: New Labs, any opinions?

Well I got my doctors advice now... She wants to slowly taper me off the armour. And, she wants me off the generic levo, and on brand name Synthroid. She too also wants me to take a B12 supplement to get those levels higher.

Now... normally I would argue like crazy about this... right now, I'm all for it. I didn't start taking Armour until after the reformulation... and the more I think about it... the more I have to say that I really, really started feeling like crap on when I started the Armour. I attributed to other things, but after reading everyone else's issues with the new pills, I'm sure that's what the problem is. I am pretty dissapointed about that. Darn them. I had so much hopes for natural thryoid... so if Syntroid doesn't do the trick (and I know it doesn't for a lots of people)... then I'll start pushing to get Naturethroid I guess.

For now... I'm looking forward to the next 6 weeks on new meds and hope for the best. Such is a the life of a guinee pig... er, I mean hypothyroid patient.