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Re: New Labs, any opinions?

1/2 grain of Armour ain't nuttin'. I'm taking 3.5 grains of Naturethroid and am still working my way up. Your doctor didn't give you even a halfway decent trial on it. At that dose, why bother! And of course you are feeling so crappy now you'd jump at anything that promises to help you, I can hardly blame you.

There are many arguments pro and con to taking the branded T4 vs generic. The key is to not switch medications and stick with one and I strongly feel that the clinical guidelines to only use branded T4 is strongly influenced by certain Big Pharma companies (Abbott Labs).

* Disallowed website link and related information removed by hb-mod, moderator * You should have started on 1/2 grain then increased 1/2 grain every two weeks until you relieved your symptoms. If you are unable to tolerate the medication it's most likely because of adrenal fatigue and a saliva cortisol test would be in order to check that.

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