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Re: wondering if I have learning disability or something else

I would firstly suggest to you to go to a psycholgist not therapist, that does testing for LD in adults. I would then get a WEischler Adult intelligence scale done. Then depending upon the outcome other psychometric tests may be done. I realise this is expensive and insurance in some cases depending upon country may pay for this or not.
As a child did you get any psychometric test done, ie a Binet or a WISC III from a school pyshologist. digging these up may give some clues. To me your desrciptions could fit many Learning disabilities form NVLD to dyslexia, ADHD, to even autistic traits. The best way to clearly identify these is with a WAIS. a full psychological batter of tests, which a trained psychologist or psychiatrist can perform for you.I f you in fact have a specific language processing difficulty you would of as a child had a speech pathologist test.??
hope this helps. SO a speech pathologist and a psychologist is a good start.