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12-18 hours of sleep daily, still tired!

Alright, so I'm an 18 year old male, I stand 5 foot 9 and weigh about 165 pounds, and for about 3 years now I've had a problem with feeling over tired.

I've been to the doctors a few times about it and many of just said it is a "normal" teenage thing.

Now, this all started about three years ago.
Every now and then, I would come home and sleep from 4:30pm to 8:00am the next morning. That's about 15 1/2 hours of sleep. Now, on top of the 15 1/2 hours, I would sleep the 30 minute bus ride to school, both ways, as well as ocasionally fall asleep in class. The days I didn't go to sleep after school, I still fell asleep on the bus and in class - I think the long periods of sleep may be because of the long term fatigue I suffered from not sleeping after school every day.

Now, typically, I would go to bed from 11pm-12am depending on the day. After a while, I began staying up later, as I felt just as tired in the morning regardless of how late I stayed up, but much more tired as the day progressed.

For about a year, I did not work, but in June of the first year this started (so about September when school started) I got a job at a local Tim Hortons. I continued to feel as tired, but was constantly forced to wake up and push my body to its limits while working.

During the time I worked at Tim Hortons, I got fevers of 104 ocasionally, (3 or 4 times at about 2 months apart) that wouldn't go down, a couple of times I was hospitalized because of this. A few months after the last episode I contracted mono (was tested negative for mono, but antibiotics for strep throat/ whatever its called were not working after two weeks, the doctors mentioned something about the blood test that indicated it was mono). Now as you can imagine this made me feel much more tired and I slept most of the illness.

Afterwords I continued to feel tired and exhausted. I played hockey on a regular basis for 12 years now, and was sometimes to tired to go to games. I constantly missed school because I felt sick from being overtired. After mono, I my doctor said my blood test came back low on iron, then later another blood test showed my b12 was low aswell. I, as a teenager, did not take those pills, and after 3 months, the levels became good by themselves.

This week that just passed, I did an overnight, I had went to bed at 7am, and woke up at 7pm, I then stayed up again till 630am, and proceeded to rest until 12am that day. From there, I slept a 3 hour car ride, and then slept until 1pm the next day. That day, I ate breakfast, went out shopping, had dinner at 5pm, then went to bed at 6pm, until 12am. Then at 1am, I went to bed again, and woke up the next morning at 12pm. From there, I slept a 30 minute car ride to camp, and proceeded to nap another 3 hours. Ate dinner, then slept another four hours. I stayed up a bit then, then rested for another 13 hours.

That's I believe, 68 hours of sleep out of 84 hours of day. That averages out to about 17 hours a day of sleep.

I also ocasionally get the worst pain I have ever felt, my leg cramps up, to a point where I want to cry and scream. Its hard to explain. I also notice that regular activities that used to be easy, no seem to wear me out much more than before.

Someone please help me?

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