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My story, got surgery didn't go well Army didn't need me anymore

In 2001 I decided to join my extended family after been out of the army for two years. All was going well, I reclassed (new job) to Logistics. During my first 6 years in the army I was infantry, was lucky enough to be selected in a Scout unit and served that unit as a sniper. When I returned I choose to get a job that would help in my future when I retireed (or I thought).

In 2003 I herniated a disc and opted not to have surgery at first. I was told it could be fixed with PT and would need to do this for 6 months. A month (june 2003) after my disc poped we received orders to get deployed to Irag. I talked to the doctor and asked him to change my treatment for surgery so I could deploy with my unit. Had the surgery in late July 2003 and was supposed to be back by end of August 2003. What I was not expecting was for all the scar tissue that I created rapped around my S1 nerve.

When this happened the army sent me to a few doctors and all said the same, you are done in the military. It was the lowest point of my life and I would have to leave what I loved and not serve this great country. I will never get over not been able to deploy, serve my country and defend our flag. Regarless whether the war is for the right reasons or not but as a soldier all you care about is the guy to your left and right.

In June 2004 I was medically retired and moved to Atlanta, GA. I have had another surgery since then and from that surgery I created more scar tissue on top of the nerver. I have a fused disc (L5) and the pain is still there. I know I am blessed because it could be worse. I continue to try to live my life to the fullest but pay for it after and need to take more medication than I should. Well that's the story of a soldier who was not allowed to go and defend our flag. Pain sucks but leaving with no dreams sucks ever worse. Stay rocking, live and enjoy life. "pain is weakness leaving the boday" I just didn't know I was so weak lol

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