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Found an Adult Family Home with a view!!

Hi all So - I've been trying to figure out what we're going to do with my DSD (Dear Stepdad) once his Medicare days are up at the wonderful care facility he is at. My sisters and I have determined that we think our mom also needs some help (prior to his mini stroke in July they were living in their home with my mom being the primary caregiver).

This has been tricky, as my DSD needs a place that provides dementia related care, but we also need a place where our mom could feel comfortable. I toured one of the best assisted living facilities in our area that has tiered care for dementia patients, and left there in tears! Just couldn't see my mom getting onboard with that type of living situation.

Long story short - I contacted a national organization (won't name names) who helped me find an adult family home that meets our needs! One of the big issues is our parents have lived near the sound for almost 40 years. They have an incredible view from their house and we know it has meant a great deal to them. So - guess what? Who knew that there is a wonderful adult family home - minutes from my house - with nearly exactly the same view they have enjoyed from their home all these years??

We're hoping that the view will make this much more appealing to both of them. My sister and I toured the home yesterday and were truly impressed! The caregivers who live there were cooking food, all from scratch, making lunch for the 5 residents there. My parents would make it 7. Much better than an insitutional setting for my folks. Wish me luck! we're going to have the ***big talk*** with my mom on Sunday. She is thinking she can bring my DSD home, but we know different.

Oh - also - I have my whole body scan today for my followup (thyroid cancer). I have been on a low iodine diet for over a week! In just a few hours I can eat normal food again! Yippee!!! I'll get my results next week and will let you all know how I'm doing. My best to you all!! My prayers are with all of you

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