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Re: Found an Adult Family Home with a view!!

Thanks everyone for your kind responses. There is so much support here - I love it!! I hope to give it as well as receive it throughout this dementia journey. Well, I won't have the results of my scan / bloodwork until late next week, but I did catch a second wind yesterday after it was ALL OVER and I could eat normal food again so I went over to the care facility to have a visit with my DSD and hopefully to catch my mom there as well. Score!

We left together (my mom and I) and that gave me an opportunity to tell her about the legwork I've been doing and about the AFH with a view! It's good I caught up with her yesterday as this will give her a little bit of time to ponder, but she was quite open to what I had to say. Of course, she's worried about money, but now that I'm beginning to get my arms around Medicaid, I see that they either get you coming or going, so I'd rather be able to private pay for as long as possible and then convert to Medicaid when necessary. Now I know Medicaid is a combination federal / state funded program, so I'm not sure if it works the same in every state (somehow I doubt it), but anyway............don't get me off on ***that*** tangent! Ha! However, this AFH will allow you to convert to Medicaid after 1 1/2 to 2 years, so this could be a longterm solution for them.

So that's my Saturday morning update from rainy Washington! We have had an extremely hot and record breaking dry summer here, so the rain is a welcome sight!!!